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Weber 3200 Kettle Warming Rack
4.5(2 reviews)
List: $20.99
Lawn & Patio

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From Stephen Green of
4(my rating)
Simple, Effective, and Completely Necessary
You wouldn't be looking at this item if you weren't already smart enough to own a classic Weber Grill -- and that means you love your food, you love your grill, and you love to serve your family and guests perfect food. But let's face it: Some people like their steaks overdone, and people always go for the hamburgers before the bratwurst. So what do you do with the cooked bratwurst while your Labor Day party people are still munching on burgers? Do you want your medium-rare steak to go cold while you wait for that last steak -- the one for the guy who likes his cooked until it looks and tastes like a shoe -- to finish? Nah. Just put this warming rack on your Weber, and put the done stuff on it while you wait for the rest to finish. OK, if it's so great, then why didn't I give it five stars? Because the fifth star is reserved for the Weber Grill itself. It'd be like giving a Best Actor Oscar to a supporting player.

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